How to Make Fancy Knots With Ribbon

Updated February 21, 2017

Many knots look, and even sound, very complicated. But if you have ribbon in front of you, and you follow each step in the process, you can learn to tie beautiful decorative knots. Not only can these decorative knots add a special touch to gift wrap or to custom jewellery, they are also sturdy, tough knots. With one strand of ribbon, you can create a complicated-looking---but easy to tie---braid or series of interlocking circles.

Tape one end of the ribbon to a hard surface, like a table or countertop.

Stretch the other end of the ribbon out to the right, into a straight horizontal line. Bend the ribbon in the middle, making the end of the ribbon curve back to the tape end. The ribbon should be in a backward "C" shape.

Pull the loose ribbon end under the taped ribbon end---about 2 inches from the end of the taped ribbon---and then cross it back over the top of the taped ribbon end. Pull the ribbon end straight out and rest it over the curved part of the backward "C." You'll notice that the ribbon crosses over itself three times, creating three "lines" in the ribbon inside the "C."

Pull the top "line" of ribbon over the middle line. This will create a figure eight in the ribbon, with the loose ribbon end exiting through the bottom loop of the figure eight.

Pull the loose ribbon end through the bottom loop tightly. The ribbon knot will take the shape of a braid once pulled tightly.

Pull the loose end of the ribbon to the right of the braid shape. you'll still have three "lines" created in the ribbon: the loose ribbon, the top of the backward "C," and the bottom of the backward "C."

Cross the bottom line of the "C" over the top line of the "C" to create a second---but smaller---figure eight. Thread the loose end of the ribbon through the bottom loop of the figure eight, and then pull tightly to tighten the braided knot.

Continue to repeat Steps 6 and 7 until you've reached the end of the ribbon. At that point, your ribbon will be knotted into a braid.

Tie a regular overhand knot into your ribbon, but do not pull it tight. The loose knot will resemble a pretzel.

Thread the right ribbon end through the first loop of the pretzel knot, but again don't pull the knot tight. Doing this will create another loop with the ribbon end as it threads the first loop.

Pull the ribbon end through the loop that was created in Step 2---not the second loop of the pretzel knot.

Pull both ends of the ribbon tight to form an interlocking "OO" shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Tape
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