How to put a Charge on a Land Registry

Updated February 21, 2017

When a plaintiff wins a court judgment, the plaintiff becomes the judgment creditor, while the defendant is referred to as the judgment debtor. If the judgment debtor does not pay the amount awarded by the court, the judgment creditor can seek to satisfy the award by placing a "charging order" against the debtor's property. A charging order does not entitle you to collect until the debtor attempts to sell or transfer the property charged. Prior to sale or transfer, the charing order takes effect and your judgment award will be paid.

Go to the court that awarded the judgment. Ask for the universal or standardised "Form N379, Application for Charging Order on Land or Property."

Complete "Form N379, Application for Charging Order on Land or Property." Include your name and address, the debtor's name and address, the address of the property charge, the judgment amount, and any other information necessary to complete the form.

File Form N379 with the court and pay the filing fee, if applicable. Receive "Form N86 Interim Charging Order" from the court staff. A hearing will be set to hear the evidence supporting the charging order.

Register Form N86 with the Land Registry. Go to the office of the Land Registry and file a copy of Form N86. You can find a Land Registry office by ringing 0844-892-111.

Attend the hearing and receive "Form N87, Final Charging Order." If the judge finds your application for a charging order is sufficient, you will receive Form N87. Contact the Land Registry and notify the agency Form N87 has been issued. Provide a copy according to the Land Registry's instructions.

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