Alien Costume Ideas for Kids

Updated July 20, 2017

Aliens have been a favourite costume idea since the 1950s when science fiction hit the television screens. Since no one really knows what they actually look like, the sky's the limit when creating an alien look. You can go with a well-known fictional alien or make up your own.

Toy Story Alien

Start with a light blue sweat suit, and add dark blue trim around the neck. Wear a dark blue belt and dark blue shoes. Use fabric paint to paint a ringed planet insignia onto the front of the shirt. Wear green gloves and a green knit cap. Use face paint or Halloween make-up to paint the face green and draw an extra eye on the forehead. Make the antennae from a rolled up piece of green craft foam and a small green ball. A plastic toy ball or painted styrofoam ball will work. Sew or glue it to the top of the knit cap.

Mr. Spock

Start with a long sleeve blue T-shirt. Add black trim around the neck. You can use fabric paint for the sleeve insignia and Star Fleet logo or cut them out of silver duct tape and stick them on. Get pointed rubber ears form a costume shop and wear the hair with straight fringe or find a Spock wig. You will need a black utility belt for a phaser and a tricorder. These can be bought online or at a Star Trek convention. You can also use an old water pistol and make a tricorder with a square, brown purse and a small microphone. Wear black trousers tucked into high-top black boots.

Alien Queen

Go to the thrift store and find a long sleeve bathrobe in a sparkly or metallic fabric. Make or buy a high-collar cape. Patterns are easy to find or you can buy one in a costume shop. If you buy one you will probably have to settle for black or red. You can even use an old pleated, draw drape. Use Halloween make-up to paint the face a non-human colour like blue, green or purple. Wear pointed rubber ears and an elaborate wig or hairstyle. Make a sceptre from a small, plastic baseball bat and a clear rubber ball. Buy a cheap plastic crown and replace the jewels with buttons and knobs from obsolete equipment around the house.

Four Armed Alien

Go as an ordinary looking person with a little extra. Sew a couple of extra arms to an old shirt. Stuff them with fiberfill and sew gloves to the cuffs. Wear matching gloves, and tie the fake arms to the wrist so they move when the real ones move.

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