How to Use Skins in "Minecraft"

Updated April 17, 2017

Given the popularity of the surprise indie hit "Minecraft," it's unsurprising that many fans of the game choose to use custom skins for their in-game characters. There are dozens of "Minecraft" skin sites available for downloading free skins or showing off your favourite creations. Implementing a custom player skin requires you to be able to access your account, meaning that you must own a legitimate copy of the game.

Download the player skin of your choosing from any Minecraft skin website. Or, if you have created your own custom skin, make sure that it is saved in PNG format.

Login to your account on using your username and password. Click the "Preferences" link.

Click the "Choose File" link beside the image of your character. This will open a pop-up window that allows you to browse your local files. Select the PNG file from Step 1. Click "OK." The pop-up window will close and the file name will appear within the main window. Click "Upload." Once the file has been uploaded, your new player skin will be enabled.

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