How to Make Your Photos Into a View-Master Slide

Updated April 17, 2017

View-masters are neat little toys created for children and adults to view pictures on a slide. You can create your own slide reels for a view-master, adding a more personal touch, a different way to view family photos of vacations, birthdays and fond memories. Finding the parts may be challenging, but once you've purchased all the parts, creating the slides takes only a few minutes.

Take pictures using your view-master camera. There are two different versions of view-master cameras: Personal and Mark II. These are the only two cameras that can take view-master photographs.

Take your camera film to a photography developer and develop your photos. Tell the developer that you do not want your film mounted. When the film is returned to you developed, it will be in one long, uncut film strip, instead of mounted into slides.

Cut your film. You will need a special film cutting device that is specific for view-master reels. The film cutters come in two varieties, just as the cameras do, and are called Personal and Mark II. What camera you have determines what cutting device you will need. Your camera and your film cutter should be the same as each other.

Insert your cut film pieces or chips into an empty view-master reel. Use gloves when placing the film pieces into the tiny pockets on the empty reel. You may need to use tweezers or a film inserting tool to keep the pocket open while placing the pictures into the reel.

Place the completed view-master reel into a view-master viewer. These can be purchased at any toy store.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal or Mark II camera
  • Personal or Mark II film cutter
  • View-master reels or slides
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers
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