How do I create a chevron diagram?

A chevron diagram is used to graphically represent a progression of steps or actions, such as in a workflow or similar process. The chevron shape is much like an arrow and points to show the direction of movement. Each chevron can also be used as a main point that contains subpoints. You can use Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 software to make chevron diagrams for presentations, documents, e-mail messages and spreadsheets.

Open a new Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. Click on the "Insert" tab and select "SmartArt" from the Illustrations group.

Click on "List" from the left-hand menu of the SmartArt Graphic gallery. Scroll down to the seventh row of graphics and select the "Vertical Chevron" list. Click the "OK" button. A chevron diagram will appear on your document or presentation slide.

Add text to your chevron list by placing the I-beam on the indicated areas and clicking to activate the blinking cursor.

Add additional chevrons by clicking once on any chevron to select it. Right-click and select "Add Shape" from the menu.

Delete an unwanted chevron by clicking on it once to select it. Press the "Delete" key.

Click on the "Design" tab to customise your chevron list. There, you will see options to change the colour scheme, layout and style of your diagram.

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