How Do I Clean an Auto Evaporator?

Written by marcus baker | 13/05/2017
How Do I Clean an Auto Evaporator?
An auto evaporator is located behind a vehicle's dash. (dash board image by Stanislav Halcin from

An auto evaporator makes its home behind the dashboard of most vehicles. The evaporator dehumidifies air within the vehicle and is known to produce leaks which can go undetected due to the evaporator's location. Having information on cleaning this part can be beneficial to vehicle owners.


Sometimes, turning on an automobile's air conditioner (AC) produces a musty, unpleasant odour. This is often caused by mould and other types of bacteria forming on the surface of the evaporator. Some newer evaporators are coated with antibacterial solutions to counter this problem.


Because of the hard-to-reach location of an AC evaporator, cleaning is often considered a challenge. Special, long hoses can be slid into place to spray the evaporator with deodorisers. In many cases, the odours caused from AC evaporators have to be handled professionally.


A bad odour along with a wet carpet could be a sign of an AC evaporator drain hose leaking water in your vehicle. Because this type of odour is extremely difficult to get out or cover up, you may want to consider a total carpet replacement for your vehicle.

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