How to Make Canned Soup Taste Better

Updated February 21, 2017

A gifted chef can make a gourmet meal out of any ingredients, including canned soups. Although it may require some practice and knowledge as to what flavours go well together, you can improve tinned soup by combining it with other ingredients. Add some spices to your canned food supply so you always have options.

Add spices and herbs. Choose a spice that complements the flavour of the tinned soup. Parsley and garlic go well with a tomato soup. Basil goes well with chicken noodle. Use dried herbs or fresh, depending on your taste. If you are using a dried spice, add it to the soup while it's cooking or when it is served.

Use milk instead of water with condensed soups for a richer taste, especially with cream-style soups. For a vegetable soup, add chicken or beef stock instead of water. You may want to buy stock already made or create your own using powder cubes and water.

Add the soup to another dish. Put it in a casserole, use it as a pasta sauce, or to season vegetables and meats. This is a good way to use up leftover vegetables and tinned soup. Mix grilled asparagus with cream of mushroom soup, or add spicy tomato soup to elbow macaroni.

Add the liquid from canned vegetables to the soup. Reserve the liquid from canned mushrooms and other vegetables and freeze it. When it's time to make the soup, remove the liquid from the freezer and add it the soup.

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