How to Retrieve Erased Voicemail Messages on a Mobile Phone

Written by maya walker | 13/05/2017
How to Retrieve Erased Voicemail Messages on a Mobile Phone
Erased voice messages cannot be retrieved after a session ends. (mobile phone image by green 308 from

Most mobile service providers offer voice mail with their calling plans. Voice mail records messages from callers. The messages can be retrieved at any time. Messages can be erased as they are reviewed. Accidentally erased messages can be retrieved on your mobile phone. The message can only be retrieved while you are in your current reviewing session. Depending on your mobile service provider, the steps may vary slightly for retrieving erased messages.

Access your voice mail from your mobile phone. In most cases, the voice mail can be accessed by pressing and holding the "1" key. Enter your voice mail password when prompted. Review your voice mail messages.

Press the option to access the voice mail's main menu. Depending on the voice mail system, you may be automatically redirected to the main menu.

Select the option to review erased voice mail messages. The voice mail system will prompt you to press the correct key.

Review your erased messages and press the key indicated by the voice mail system to return the message to the inbox. Press the "End" key when you are through reviewing the messages.

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