DeLonghi Radiator Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

DeLonghi, the Italian based small appliances manufacturer, creates a variety of devices that you could use all around the house. One of these appliances is a heating radiator. These radiators are on wheels for moving around from room to room to provide heat produced by the internal elements and oil. If you have a DeLonghi radiator but don't know how to set it up and get going, there are just a few simple things you need to know before you can enjoy a warm home.

Turn the radiator upside down so the bottom is facing up so that you can attach the wheels. Work on carpeting or a rug to avoid damaging the radiator.

Lay out the two feet with the small pegs on them facing up. Push one wheel onto each of the pegs until the wheels click into place.

Place one set of wheels across the bottom of the radiator between the first and second heating elements from the right and secure it with a U bracket. Do the same with the other set at the left end of the radiator and turn the unit back over onto its wheels.

Position the radiator below the draughtiest window or coldest point in the room you are using it in. Using it near the window will prevent the draft from getting into the rest of room.

Plug the radiator into a power outlet and set the clock. Hold down the Hour button until the correct hour is displayed then do the same with the Min button. The display will flash for a few seconds then stop when you are done.

Press the "ON MODE" button to turn the radiator on. Push it again within 5 seconds to set the radiator to Medium power. Push it once more to set the power to Maximum.

Push the + or -- buttons to raise or lower the thermostat temperature when you are using Maximum power. You can go up to 95º Fahrenheit and down to 42º Fahrenheit.


Set the radiator to 42º to keep a room above freezing temperatures without using excess energy.


The radiator will lose all of the information you have set like temperature and time when it is not connected to power for longer than 2 minutes so make sure you reset it after a power failure.

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