How to Fix a Peg on a Belt Buckle

Updated April 17, 2017

Belt buckles can add a touch of style and interest to the way you dress. Buckles come in a variety of shapes, designs and colours. Some are simple, while others are very flashy. Many belt buckles are unique, handcrafted accessories that can be difficult to replace if lost or broken. The belt buckle peg is particularly vulnerable to breaking because of the stress put on it. If the peg does snap off, you can repair the buckle at home.

Cut a piece of wire coat hanger about 6--12 inches in length.

Wrap the wire around any openings on the buckle or around the hinges of the buckle on the peg-side, and then back under the buckle. Decide, according to the unique shape of your belt buckle, which part of the buckle is best to wrap the wire around. Use the pliers to wrap the wire tightly in place, leaving one piece of wire sticking out beneath the buckle.The placement of the wire is fine if you are happy with the appearance of the buckle and the wire is securely wrapped in place with one end extended as a peg under the buckle.

Bend the wire sticking out to the desired angle to act as a peg. The peg should be long enough to secure the buckle to the belt, but not so long that it scratches your trousers or waist. Cut it to the right length with the wire cutters.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
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