How do I Update a BIOS for SIL3132?

Updated February 21, 2017

The SiI3132 is a PCI express Serial ATA controller. Serial ATA controllers are responsible for managing information flow and connections between hard disks and optical discs. The SiI3132 comes equipped with a 4 megabyte flash memory area that contains the system BIOS. You can update your SIL3132 BIOS by flashing this storage area with a newer version. New BIOS updates can contain enhancements in efficiency, stability and drive support.

Download the latest version of the SIL3132 BIOS Update Utility from the Silicon Image website to your desktop.

Double-click "" to open it in Windows Explorer, then click "Extract All Files."

Enter a location to save the set-up files, and ensure "Show extracted files when complete" is checked. Click "Extract." For example purposes, we will assume you have extracted the file to "C:\temp."

Press the "Windows" and "R" keys at the same time to open a "Run" prompt.

Type "cmd" and click "Open."

Type "cd C:\temp\" without quotes. Change this to the location where you extracted the SiFlashTool file.

Download the SIL3132 BASE file from the Silicon Image Website. The most recent file has an asterisk (*) symbol next to it.

Extract the Zip file to the directory that holds the SiFlashTool file. (C:\temp.)

Return to your command prompt window and type: "SiFlashTool /File:" without quotes. Replace with the file name of your extracted BIOS file.

Wait as your card is updated. You will be returned to the console window when the BIOS update is completed.

Restart your system to load the device with its new BIOS.

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