How to Replace Missing Chanel Buttons

Updated April 17, 2017

It's frustrating when a button falls off a designer garment, such as a Chanel coat. Chanel uses shank buttons, also known as shaft buttons, which are rounded and closed on top, with a shank on the back. Sewing it back on can seem like a complicated task, but with a replacement button, scissors, thread and a needle, you can repair your beautiful, designer garment in 10 minutes or less.

Check to see if you have the Chanel button that fell off of the clothing. If so, then all you need to do is sew it back on. If you've lost it, check the clothing for the spare buttons that come in plastic attached to the tag, or those that are sewn on to the lining of the clothing. Many designer tops, jackets and coats have attached replacement buttons sewn along the lining. If you have a replacement, use scissors to gently cut the thread that attaches it to the lining.

Find or purchase thread that matches the thread with which the other buttons on the garment are sewn.

Unroll some thread from the spool, put it through the eye of the needle. Cut the thread so that it's about 12 inches long. Tie the two loose ends together in a knot. The thread should now be through the needle and tied to make a loop.

Hold the button on the garment where it needs to be sewn.

Begin on the inside of the garment (not the outside where the button is) and push the needle up and out to the outside of the garment and through the hole in the shank. The shank on a shank button is the back of the button that extends out and has a hole in it for the thread.

Pull the needle and thread through the shank, making sure to pull the button down the thread to the fabric of the garment. This is to ensure that the button is sewn on tightly. Push the needle back down through the fabric on the top side of the garment toward the inside.

Push the thread back up through the inside to the outside coming through the hole in the shank.

Pull the needle and thread through until it stops, then push the need back down again through fabric.

Continue this process at least four more times. Once the needle is through to the inside again, push the needle until the thread loops sewn on the inside of the garment. Keep looping and tie into a knot.

Cut the needle loose by snipping the thread right at the needle's eye.


If you've lost your original button and replacement buttons, you can try to find one online from a site like eBay or other second-hand auction site that sometimes sells designer items. You could try a button shop, but you wouldn't likely find an authentic Chanel button to match the others.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement button
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
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