How to Take Cuttings of Marguerite

Updated February 21, 2017

Marguerite is a widely used variety of ornamental sweet potato vine. This vine has a vigorous spreading habit and is recognisable for its broad, heart-shaped leaves and bright chartreuse green colour. Marguerite may be planted in early spring and will produce foliage right up until the first frost of fall. In mild areas where there is no hard freeze, Marguerite may overwinter and produce new growth in the next season. But for many gardeners, the best way to save Marguerite is to take cuttings in fall for the next spring.

Select sweet potato vines with vigorous growth and no diseases or insect infestation.

Place your pruning shears at a point 3 feet from the end of the vine just behind where a leaf emerges. Snip off the vine at this point.

Section the vine into 6-inch pieces with your pruning shears. Each piece should have three leaves that emerge from the vine. These leaf locations are called nodes. A root can develop from each node.

Strip the leaves from the lowest two nodes.


Marguerite cuttings need no special care to overwinter. You can place the cuttings in a container of potting soil or simply stick them into a jar of water. The cuttings will quickly produce roots and will last throughout the winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
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