How to Hide a Speaker Wire With Tape

Speakers enhance your home with sound, but their wires can be an eyesore. It isn't always possible to run speaker wire in the walls. The "PC World'" website lists several options for dealing with multimedia cords and wires, including spiral wraps, split tubing or braided sleeves. Taping the speaker wires flat hides the wires to give your room a more streamlined appearance. Taping the wires keeps the wires accessible and easy to remove and clean up and can be a better solution than embedding the wires in the wall.

Examine the speaker wire to see if it hangs straight. If it has kinks in it or doesn't hang straight, attach a weight to it as low as possible -- for example, a foot above your audio system. Leave the weight on overnight.

Have an assistant hold the speaker wire firmly so that it hangs straight. Unroll a foot of tape, leaving it attached to the roll.

Apply the tape, starting behind the speaker. Press the tape over the wire and smooth it down firmly with your fingers to ensure that it sticks. Have your assistant adjust her grip lower on the wire to hold the next section of wire straight.

Continue applying the tape until you've covered all the exposed speaker wire.

Apply one or two more strips of tape over the length of the wire until the wire is fully hidden. Black speaker wire usually shows through tape, so it requires more layers. Lighter speaker wire won't require as much coverage. Alternatively, cover the tape with fabric ribbon. Apply fabric glue along the back of the ribbon near each edge and have your assistant help your press the ribbon in a straight line over the tape. Apply firm pressure and hold each 1-foot section of the ribbon against the tape with both hands for a slow count of 15 to ensure that it adheres.


Fabric stores carry cloth ribbon in different widths. Choose ribbon in a colour close to the wall's colour to hide the speaker wire.


Avoid using too much glue or it may get on the wall or soak through the ribbon and affect the appearance of the finished project. For speakers on a cabinet or other furniture, hide the wires behind the furniture and then tape the section of the wire that shows behind the furniture against the wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Masking tape
  • Small weight, such as a fishing weight
  • Assistant (optional)
  • Ribbon, made out of opaque fabric, such as cotton (optional)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
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