How to Recharge a Drained Blackberry Battery

If your BlackBerry battery is drained and you're experiencing problems recharging it, there could be a number of issues causing the problem. As long as the battery is not defective or damaged in any way, it should be relatively easy to identify any fault and get the battery back to full charge. At the very least, the process described will allow you to find any fault with your equipment.

Take the battery out of your BlackBerry handset and wipe over with the cloth.

Apply a small amount of the alcohol rub to the cloth and wipe the contacts on the battery and the phone to ensure that there is no dirt or debris stopping the battery from charging properly.

Go to and download the latest version of PC software available for your phone.

Plug one end of the USB cable into the handset and the other into your PC. A problem with your desktop program could cause problems with charging the handset.

Plug your charger into the main power supply and the other end into the power port of your handset if the battery is not charging after connecting the handset to the PC.

Connect the spare charger if the handset is not responding.

Remove the battery from the handset and put it into the spare handset and test using the USB cable and the two power cables. If the battery works in the other phone it is likely that there is a problem with your handset. If it doesn't work, and you know that the spare handset is in full working order, it's likely that your battery is defective.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth
  • Alcohol rub
  • USB cable
  • BlackBerry charger
  • Spare BlackBerry charger
  • Spare BlackBerry handset
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