How to Extrude a Spline in Cinema 4D

Written by carol adams | 13/05/2017

Cinema 4D is a widely used 3D modelling application produced by the Maxon corporation. The content produced in Cinema 4D is frequently seen in movies and video games and on the Web. The modelling tools in Cinema 4D are versatile and powerful, permitting you to create virtually any object you can imagine. Spline tools are frequently used in Cinema 4D. Spline tools let you draw lines directly on the screen; those lines can then be extruded to form model shapes.

Click on the shortcut on your desktop to open the Cinema 4D application.

Go to the "Spline" tools at the top, and choose the spline tool you want to use, for example, the "Freehand" tool or the "Bezier" tool. Use the tool to draw the shape you want in the view.

Go to the "Nurbs" tools at the top, and choose "Extrude Nurbs." In the "Objects" panel on the upper right, drag the spline shape you drew under the extrude nurb.

Go to the "Attributes" panel on the lower right, and click on the "Object" tab. Adjust the x,y,z "Movement" numbers until you like the size of the extrusion. Save your work.

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