How to Make a Lightsaber Out of a Pipe

Updated November 21, 2016

The movie franchise "Star Wars" contains no weapon more iconic than the lightsaber. Children and adults everywhere have wished they could be Jedi knights simply so they could wield these glowing, laser swords. The good news is that you can create a lightsaber replica from PVC pipe at home. The bad news is that it won't cut through anything. However, they're child-friendly, and the end result glows just like a real lightsaber.

Spray the PVC pipe with frosted glass spray paint, coating the entire pipe from end to end. This will diffuse the light and make the entire lightsaber glow. It will also disguise the flashlight as the light source. Let the paint dry for two hours.

Spray paint your flashlight silver to create the handle for your lightsaber. Choose a flashlight that can handle a moderate amount of abuse and has some heft to it. Metal flashlights work better than plastic, in this case. Let the paint dry for two hours.

Choose a lightsaber colour. Red is traditionally a Sith colour, while blue and green are the usual Jedi colours. Some colours, such as purple and white, are less common Jedi colours. Cut a 1/2-inch-wide circle from the appropriate cellophane colour. White lightsabers don't require cellophane.

Glue the cellophane circle to the glass on top of your flashlight. Draw a bead of superglue around the top edge of the flashlight, and slide it inside the bottom of the PVC pipe. Make sure you can still unscrew the flashlight to change the batteries. Let the glue dry overnight.


Cover the hole at the top of your lightsaber with a second piece of cellophane, a circle of clear plastic from a soda bottle or a clear glass marble. The marble looks the most realistic and gives the lightsaber the proper balance.


Don't use your lightsaber inside, and never seriously attempt to hack, slash or stab anyone with it. You'll break your lightsaber and possibly cause serious injury.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 feet of clear PVC pipe, 1/2-inch diameter
  • Frosted glass spray paint
  • 4-inch-long flashlight with 1/2-inch-wide lighted end
  • Silver spray paint
  • Red, green, blue and purple cellophane
  • Clear superglue
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