How to arrange a donation pickup with the Salvation Army in U.S.A.

Updated April 17, 2017

Over 10 million people donated furniture, clothing and toys to the Salvation Army in 2009. But your inability to transport your couch or 32 bags of baby clothing shouldn't prevent you from joining the ranks of these generous individuals. The Salvation Army offers pickup service upon request for those unable to deliver their items to one of the 2,300 drop-off locations throughout the country. So start piling up your gently used items for the organisation that delivers a world of good.

Call 1-800-728-7825 or visit the Salvation Army website (see References).to find a local branch of the organisation. Use the search function at the top-right corner of the website home page. Pickup service is available from most locations in the United States. Expect to wait between seven to 14 days between your initial phone call and the pickup date. Wait times vary depending on your area of the country, the time of year and the availability of trucks.

Explain the nature of your donation to the person who schedules your pickup. Knowing whether they're going to pick up a car, a tractor or a washing machine helps Salvation Army staff members make appropriate transportation accommodations.

Prepare your items for donation by cleaning any clothing or stuffed animals, wiping off dust and making sure battery operated and electrical devices are in working order.

Make an itemised list of everything you intend to donate. Present the list to the pickup crew when they arrive so you can obtain a receipt for tax purposes.


The Salvation Army cannot accept certain items for donation such as paint, tires, waterbeds and items recalled for safety reasons.

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