How to Remove a Portable Gas Barbecue Propane Tank

Written by chasity goddard | 13/05/2017
How to Remove a Portable Gas Barbecue Propane Tank
The propane tank should be removed when a portable gas grill is not in use. (grill image by Dron from

A portable gas grill is great for picnics, tailgating and camping. The compact size makes it easy to carry and store. The propane tank connected to a portable gas grill should always be removed for transporting the grill or while the grill is in storage. Disconnecting a small propane tank cylinder from a gas grill is an easy task that almost anyone can complete. No tools are required for the task.

Turn off the portable grill burners.

Unscrew the small propane tank from the connector on the portable grill. The tank will seal itself when unscrewed to prevent gas leaking from the cylinder. The cylinder will only unscrew one way. On most models, unscrew the tank by turning the cylinder left, or counterclockwise.

Remove the propane cylinder and set it aside in a safe place away from heat and flames.

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