How to fix a broken speaker wire

Updated February 21, 2017

Speaker wires carry analogue signals from the audio system to the loud speakers. Unlike, telephone wires or power supply wires, most speaker wires are thin and can get cut or damaged easily. A short speaker wire that is damaged is easy to replace, but replacing a long speaker wire that runs through ceilings or walls can be difficult. Learn how to repair a broken speaker wire without having to replace the wires and save yourself time and money.

Unplug your stereo amplifier or audio appliance from its power supply. Locate the portion of the speaker wire that is damaged and cut the speaker wire a 1/2 inch below and a 1/2 inch above the damaged portion, using diagonal pliers.

Cut 2 inches (lengthwise) along the centre of speaker wire from its tip to split the speaker wire in two, separating the positive wire from the negative wire. Use diagonal pliers or utility scissors to cut the wires. Be very careful not to exert too much pressure to avoid cutting the thin copper wires inside. Perform the same procedure on the end of the other cut wire.

Look at the wires and determine the positive and negative wires. Speaker wires can come in different colours, but positive wires are always marked by a coloured stripe or ridges embossed on the wire insulation. Hold the wire coming from the audio system and cut off 2 inches from the positive wire, making the negative wire 2 inches longer than the positive wire.

Hold the end of the cut wire that is coming from the speaker and cut off 2 inches from the negative wire, making the positive wire 2 inches longer than the negative wire. Strip off 3/4 inch from the tip of the positive and negative wires on both ends of the cut wire using a wire stripper.

Hold the 2 positive wires together (side by side) an inch from the tip, using your thumb and index finger on one hand. Pinch the tip of the stripped wires using your thumb and index fingers on the other hand, and twist the tip of the wires clockwise until the stripped wires are twisted together tightly. Fold the twisted stripped wires backward and tightly wrap electrical tape around the spliced wires. Perform the same procedure on the negative wires. Turn on the audio appliance and listen to its sound to test the connections.

Things You'll Need

  • Diagonal pliers
  • Wire stripper
  • Electrical tape
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