How to Recondition an iPhone Battery

Written by alan temple | 13/05/2017
How to Recondition an iPhone Battery
Battery life on your iPhone can be a key concern. (young man talking on cell phone image by Alan Shearer from

One of the major complaints about high-end smartphones is that battery life has not quite managed to keep up with the other aspects of the technology -- culminating in frustratingly short life between charges. Due to the high-resolution screen, the processing power, the Internet connectivity and the sheer amount of apps you can get on your iPhone, it can be extremely demanding on your battery. Although, in theory, you should be able to get a standard amount of life from your battery, it is actually possible to condition it for longer life using a couple of methods which should be employed as soon as you receive the phone.

Let your iPhone completely run out of battery the first time you use it. It is always the temptation to put your phone on charge as soon as you see the battery bar enter "the red" but it is actually beneficial to allow the phone to die completely before charging.

Allow the phone, now dead, to sit dormant for around 10 to 15 minutes and then switch it back on. It will have the power to switch on but will die minutes later. This ensures the battery is completely empty and ready for a full, thorough charge.

Plug your device in and allow it to fully charge. Moreover, allow it to charge for an hour or so after it has reached its fully charged level. It is best to do this overnight so you are not forced to go about your day without a phone.

Repeat this process three times. This will recondition your iPhone battery for optimum performance throughout its life.

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