How to Move Motorcycle Foot Pegs Forward

Updated July 20, 2017

Foot pegs provide a comfortable place for your feet to rest while you ride a motorcycle. However, foot pegs are attached to a motorcycle according to factory settings, so they may not be suitably positioned for you. If you have to stretch or sit awkwardly to reach the foot pegs, it is worthwhile to move them. Some motorcycle models have non-adjustable foot pegs that are permanently fixed, but others allow you to change the position of the pegs. Check your owner's manual to find out if your motorcycle has adjustable foot pegs. Adjusting your foot pegs is not difficult, and you can find the tools you need at an auto parts store or any hardware store.

Locate the clamp that holds your foot peg in place. The clamp is attached to your motorcycle with a nut and bolt, so find a wrench in your set that fits the nut. Undo the nut and remove the bolt from the clamp.

Use the sharp end of your hammer to pry open the clamp, before using your hands to remove the clamp from the frame of your motorcycle.

Find the nuts and bolts that attach the metal plate on your foot peg to the frame of your motorcycle. Unscrew the nuts with your wrench and remove the bolts from the plate. Make sure you are holding the foot peg firmly in your hand to keep it from falling to the ground when you remove the bolts.

Move the foot peg forward on the frame, closer to the front of your motorcycle. Ensure the foot peg plate matches up to the holes in the frame so you can reinsert the bolts you removed earlier.

Feed the bolts through the holes in the plate and into the holes in the frame. Screw the nuts back onto the bolts and tighten them with your wrench.

Place the clamp you removed earlier over the foot peg plate, ensuring that it matches up to a hole for your final bolt. Close the clamp with your hands, and then feed the bolt through the hole. Screw the nut onto the bolt and secure it with your wrench.

Repeat these steps to move your other foot peg forward.


Make sure your motorcycle is standing securely to keep it from falling over when you move the foot pegs.


Be careful not to trap your fingers when closing the clamp.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench set
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
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