How to Update the Garmin 430 NavData Card

Updated April 17, 2017

Jeppesen's Garmin 430 is an avionics GPS autopilot navigation system. Periodically updates are made to the data. To enjoy optimised performance from the Garmin 430, you must update your system to receive these updates. The manufacturer advises that third-party memory cards do not work with the Garmin 430, so users must purchase them directly from Jeppensen. A USB adaptor must be purchased as well. Find a link to the company's retail page in Resources.

Navigate to the Jeppesen update page. A link is located in Resources.

Download the Update Manager program. The program places an icon to your desktop during installation.

Double-click the JSUM icon on your desktop.

Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click OK. If you do not have a username and password, click the "register now" link. The update program will open.

Insert your data card in the Skybound USB adaptor. The data-card label and Skybound adaptor logo should both face up. Afterward, insert the Skybound USB adaptor in a USB slot on your computer.

Review the displayed dates. Two download expiration dates are shown. The first date indicates the last update loaded, the second, the most current update available to download. Click on the latest date.

Click "start" located in the lower middle of the program. The adaptor light will begin to flash. A pop-up box will appear confirming your request to download.

Click "continue." The status bars will continually update as the status progresses. Once the software update is complete another pop-up window will launch.

Click "OK." Afterward, remove the card and place it in the slot on the left side of the Garmin 430.

Power on the Garmin 430 to see a message that the update has been successful.

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