How to Change the Ribbon in a Canon Calculator

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes it can be handy to have a printed record of calculated expenses in case of emergency or just to keep the record books in order. Canon produces printing calculators. Just like typewriters, however, you have to regularly change the ink ribbon in your calculator to keep your printed slips sharp and clear. Changing the ink ribbon only requires a new ribbon matching the make and model of your Canon calculator.

Raise the tab on the back of the printer. Remove the cover on the printer. Pinch the ribbon lock toward the arrows and pull the spools with the ribbon from the shafts. Throw away the old ribbon and spools.

Divide the ribbon spools from the printer head and tape. Wind the new ribbon around the four pegs on the ribbon guide. Position the new spools on the shafts.

Unlock the ribbon locks as soon as the spools have settled into place. Turn the spools until the pegs on the ends lock into place on the holder.

Rotate the spools to ensure the ribbon is tight around the four pegs on the ribbon guide. Replace the printer cover and test your new ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • New ink ribbon
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