How to Use the Easy Shaper Pro

Updated April 17, 2017

The Easy Shaper is an exercise machine manufactured by Fitness Quest. The Easy Shaper allows you to perform 11 exercises that target legs, abdominal muscles and back to help tone and tighten them. Before you can begin exercising your must assemble the product, and you should stretch to prevent injury. The more use the Easy Shaper, the greater the results. This equipment is designed for women.

Assemble the Easy Shaper. Flip the leg bar so that it curves toward the front. Pull the pop pin out before lifting the link bar into position with the slot of the leg bar, then release the pop pin. Lift the leg assembly bar into position and secure with the nuts, bolts and washers provided. Attach the cover by screwing two short feet per side. Finally, screw the two long feet to the headrest frame.

Complete a workout progress chart to monitor how you're doing. Before you begin your training program, note of your starting weight and your waist, hip, thigh and calf size. Regularly update these charts to see how you have improved.

Warm up before your workout by performing a series of stretches. These simple stretches can be performed while standing, leaning against a wall or a chair, or lying down. Refer to the user manual (see Resources section) for recommended stretches and details on how they should be performed. Warm down after your workout by stretching again.

Perform your chosen exercise. The Easy Shaper offers 11 workouts. These include simple abdominal, back and leg exercises. Target your workout for the part of your body that you want to improve. Refer to the user manual (see Resources section) for instructions on the 11 exercises.

Play the accompanying workout video and follow along with the onscreen exercises.

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