How to Find Someone's Place of Employment?

Updated April 17, 2017

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances require you to have to find someone who may be shirking their responsibilities and will not get in contact with you. A parent may not be paying child support, or an ex-roommate has left you with an unpaid lease and they have changed their number. The next best option to locate the person is to find out where he works.

Check career-focused social networking sites such as LinkedIn. These sites allow people to list their jobs as a networking tool. Search for the person's name to see if their profile shows up. Their current job should be listed.

Call the previous employer. If you know where the person you are looking for last worked, call and ask for the person by name. When they say that the person does not work there anymore, casually ask the person on the phone if anyone there knows where they are working now. This strategy depends upon the nature of the employer and company policy. The person on the phone may say that they don't know, or cannot give out that type of information.

Ask any friends or relatives you may know. If you are familiar with any of the person's relatives or friends, reach out to them. If you are friends with those relatives or friends on a social networking site such as Facebook, send them a message asking them if they know where the person works now. If you think that the friend or relative will be sympathetic to your plight, tell them the situation if that will convince them to provide the information. If not, keep the tone casual as if you are just checking up on the person.

Hire a private investigator. A private investigator will have the skills and advanced research tools to locate someone's place of employment. To find a local private investigator, search online for a private investigator by the city or town you are located in. Check out the Better Business Bureau rating of several companies and narrow them down by reputation and price range.


Some online people search websites may be able to provide employment information on a person such as Public People Finder. If this service is available, expect to pay a premium to view employment details.

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