How to update tomtom GPS for free

TomTom GPS devices are typically updated through yearly map packages available for purchase through the TomTom website. If you do not require such comprehensive updates to your map data, opt to utilise the free application TomTom Map Share. With this application, update your TomTom by manually making corrections to maps, or subscribe to corrections verified by TomTom or the general user base.

Launch a Web browser and navigate to the TomTom Home download page.

Download and install TomTom Home. This application is required to operate the Map Share program.

Connect your TomTom device to the computer using the included USB cable. The TomTom Home application will automatically launch and provide updates to your existing maps through the TomTom Map Share module.

Click "Options" on your TomTom device and select "Map Corrections" once the updates have completed downloading.

Select the TomTom Map subscriptions you wish to include in updates, then click "Next." Subscribe to updates verified by TomTom, Trusted Sources, Many Users or Some Users.

Review your subscription choices, then click "Finish." Additional map updates as verified by the sources you selected will be downloaded to your TomTom device.

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