How to Create a Garden Border on a Budget

Updated February 21, 2017

Adding a border around your garden provides definition and visual appeal. While you could potentially spend a large amount of money for materials and installation, it is not necessary. With creativity and planning, it's possible to create garden borders on a budget. These borders can look as fancy and sophisticated as ones that cost much more can.

Break up old concrete with a sledgehammer and stack to your desired height around the garden. Use spray paint to colour the concrete first if desired.

Search for rocks around construction areas or ask local quarries if they have scraps to give away. Rocks can be piled up around the edges of your garden to use as a border. Be sure to get permission to enter the property first if looking on a construction site.

Ask landscaping companies, neighbours or arborists for cut logs. If you can't obtain any free, wood is usually inexpensive. Line the logs up around your garden to form the border.

Use old tires that have been cut in half for your garden border. Decorate with paint for added colour.

Ask stores or factories if they keep their old wooden shipping pallets. Often they'll give them away free or at a very low cost. The wood from a dismantled pallet can serve as a garden border.

Dig a trench around the garden and fill it with pebbles. Small stones and pebbles are generally sold at a low cost at garden and home improvement stores.

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