How to Take Apart a VW Key

Written by angelo elia | 13/05/2017
How to Take Apart a VW Key
Apply pressure on the Volkswagen key with your hands. (llave de coche image by Carlos Matesanz from

Volkswagen has long been a hallmark of high-quality German automotive engineering. As one might expect, Volkswagen keys are quite easy to work on when they needs repairing. To work on VW a key, it must first be taken apart, a process that requires a fair bit of force, but that is not difficult and will not break the key. The key will also need to be taken apart when replacing its battery, which can be done without visiting a Volkswagen dealership.

Hold and pull at each end of the Volkswagen key in order to separate the ends.

Place your fingernails at the small seam on the key-chain side of the Volkswagen's key, and pull and pry at both sides to separate them. This will reveal the battery and the electronics inside both ends of the key-chain portion of the Volkswagen key.

Pull out the battery from the key using a jewellers screwdriver.

Things you need

  • Jewellers screwdriver

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