How to Grow Leeks From a Seed in a Plant Pot

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are a fan of vichyssoise you are also a fan of the leek, for it is from this vegetable that the soup gets its wonderful flavour and aroma. The leek is a vegetable of the same family as the onion and garlic but with a much milder flavour. Leeks are easy to grow from seed and don't require much care once established in the planter. They will need plenty of sun, but cool temperatures.

Fill the seed tray with moist compost or soil.

Scatter the seeds lightly on the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with a half inch of soil and tamp them down lightly. Place the tray in an area with plenty of light and make sure the seeds stay moist.

Transplant the seedlings into the pots when they are the thickness of a pencil. You can plant two per pot but the leeks will be smaller when harvested.

Keep the soil moist and make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight.

Things You'll Need

  • Deep seed tray
  • Compost or loamy soil
  • Water
  • Leek seeds
  • 14" by 14" planting pots, or larger (half wine barrels work well)
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