How to Attach a Sling to a Sako TRG

Updated July 20, 2017

SAKO TRG-22 and TRG-42 are widely used in military defence as well as competition shooting. Chambered in the 300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag, the SAKO TRG-42 fulfils the needs of tactical snipers because of the simplicity in its construction, configurations, and functionality. The TRG-22 comes chambered in 308 Win, is widely used in many sport shooting competitions worldwide. SAKO rifles can be outfitted with an optional nylon sling with adjustable swivels to comfortably carry and shoot the rifle. SAKO TRG accessories, like the sling and swivels are sold separately and cannot be used with any other rifle.

Lay out the nylon sling horizontally in front of you, then take a sling swivel and pass it through the sling until it is about halfway through.

Fold the sling in half with it laying horizontally in front of you with the sling swivel on the left side and the two open ends of the sling on the right side. Since the sling was passed through the sling swivel, then folded in half, it should resemble a double-layer sling now.

Adjust the bottom layer of the sling so that it is 10 inches shorter than the top layer.

Pass a buckle through the right side of the sling, through the longer top layer and the shorter bottom layer. Push it through until it is about 3 inches below the sling swivel.

Pass the remaining three buckles through the open end of the sling. Try to adjust the buckles so that they are equally spaced throughout the length of the sling. The last buckle should have a bottom layer 3 inches shorter than the top layer.

Take the lower sling swivel and pass it through the longer top sling with the end flipped backward and passed through the lowest buckle.

Attach the first sling swivel on the left side of the sling set-up to the adjustable sling socket rail under the fore end of the rifle. This sling swivel can be adjusted by sliding it along the rail horizontally.

Attach the second sling swivel to the built in swivel socket on the left or right side of the butt stock end of the rifle. Just push the swivel firmly in the built in socket to attach it.

Push the button located at the centre of the sling swivel and pull it off the socket rail to remove the swivel on the fore end of the rifle.

Push the button in the centre of the swivel to remove the sling swivel on the butt stock end of the rifle.


With the optional nylon sling, the SAKO TRG rifle can be carried on your left or right shoulder or on the back like a back pack. You can also use the sling to assist you in shooting when you don't have a bipod or when the bipod can't be used.


For your safety, make sure the rifle is unloaded while setting up your sling and attaching it.

Things You'll Need

  • SAKO TRG-42 or TRG-22
  • (1) Sling
  • (2) Adjustable swivels
  • (4) Buckles
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