How to fold bandannas in the '50s style

Updated April 17, 2017

Today, you often see bandannas used as a symbol for certain gangs, but back in the '50s, bandannas were a popular accessory for women. They provided a stylish way for women to hold hairstyles in place while going about their business. While bandanna trends have evolved over the years, the '50s style of folding and wearing a bandanna is still a stylish option that can be used today to create a chic, vintage look.

Place the bandanna flat on a smooth surface. Turn the bandanna so that it is in the shape of a diamond with a corner pointing at you.

Fold the bottom half of the bandanna over the top half so that it is now in the shape of a triangle. Do not fold it all the way to the edge; leave about a 3-inch space so that it looks like you have a triangle within a triangle.

Turn the bandanna over so that the shorter triangle is now on the bottom and is not visible, keeping the folded edge toward you.

Use both hands to pick up the bandanna by the folded edge and place it at the back of your neck, directly below your hairline. Bring the two ends up around the top of your head and tie them together.

Pull up the loose hanging corner and place it over the first knot. Then, tie a second knot around the corner edge to secure it in place. Tuck in any remaining open corners.


Fold the bandanna over a few times before putting it on your head, for more of a headband look.

Things You'll Need

  • Square bandanna
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