How to Register Your BMW

Updated March 23, 2017

Now that you've purchased the BMW of your choice, the next step is manufacturer registration. The BMW Owners site offers online registration for owners, which enables them to create user profiles, so they can receive up-to-date BMW information. The site also gives detailed information regarding scheduled maintenance, and service discounts, along with maps and directions to local authorised dealerships and service centres. BMW registration on the Owners website takes approximately five minutes.

Double-click your Internet browser desktop icon. Access the BMW official website online.

Click the "My BMW" tab at the top of the BMW website's home page. Click the "Sign-In" action when the collapsible menu appears for "My BMW".

Double-click the "Create an Account" button in the lower-right corner of the Sign-In screen. You will be redirected to the BMW Registration page for the site.

Enter your e-mail address in the designated data field, and retype your e-mail address for accuracy purposes. Create a password to accompany your e-mail address. Retype the password in the last data field to verify it for accuracy.

Click the "Yes" radio button to indicate that you own a BMW. The next screen will process your login information, so you can register your BMW vehicle model. Enter requested information regarding the vehicle's VIN and/or production number.

Type the last seven digits of your BMW's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or production number in the required data field.

Provide your personal contact information, which will include your name, address, phone number, and BMW vehicle specifications to complete the ownership registration.

Click "Submit" to process your information and access your BMW user account. Once you're logged into the account, you'll be able to look up contact information for local BMW dealerships. You'll also be able to reserve scheduled maintenance to have your BMW serviced.


If you do not have a record of the VIN, it is etched directly beneath the windshield on the vehicle's drivers' side. The VIN is also on your vehicle's state registration documents. Contact the BMW dealership where you bought the vehicle for the BMW production number.

Things You'll Need

  • BMW Vehicle VIN or Production Number
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