How to Add Beads to Scoobies

Updated February 21, 2017

Scoobies are hollow plastic strings that you can use to make a variety of craft projects, such as lanyards, key chains, zipper pulls and jewellery. Use these affordable plastic strings, which are also known as scoubidou laces, boondoggle and craftlace, to weave many different designs using a combination of stitches. Brick stitches, cobra stitches, square stitches, twist stitches and circle stitches are favourites among scoubidou project designers. Add beads to scoobies to add dimension and colour to your designs.

Cut four different coloured scoobie laces to equal lengths, depending on the project you are making. Each strand should be 3 1/2 feet long to make a zipper pull, or 6 feet long to make a key chain.

Lay one scoobie strand vertically on a flat surface. Center the three remaining strands horizontally on top of and across the centre of the vertical strand.

Bring the end of the vertical strand up, over and beneath the three crosswise strands to make the first loop. Bring the same strand up, over and beneath the three strands again to make a second loop.

Weave the left side of the bottom horizontal scoobie over the first vertical loop and beneath the second vertical loop. Pull the scoobie all the way through the two loops. Repeat this step with the left middle horizontal scoobie and then with the left top horizontal scoobie.

Repeat Step 4 with the three strands that began on the right side of the vertical scoobie. This stitch is the superbrick starter stitch.

Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 to make another superbrick stitch. Separate the eight strands---six to the sides and one on each end---into two groups of four. Each group consists of one end scoobie, the two same-coloured scoobie strands closest to the end scoobie and the strand from the middle pair of scoobies that is closest to the end scoobie in the group.

Start a square stitch by holding the four scoobies in one group in the shape of a cross. The end scoobie and the nearest centre scoobie should be opposite each other. Fold both horizontal scoobies over the vertical end and centre section of the cross. Weave the centre scoobie that is opposite the end scoobie through the two loops made by the horizontal scoobies. Weave the end scoobie through the two loops and pull it and the centre scoobie taut to form a square stitch.

Repeat Step 7 seven times with the first group. Repeat Step 7 to make eight square stitches with the second group. Make a loose square stitch with each of the two groups of scoobies. Fit a pony bead inside each one of the loose square stitches. Pull the square stitches taut. Add another square stitch on each side to lock the pony bead in place.

Do seven additional square stitches on each side, followed by the three superbrick stitches. Add pony beads to the design by fitting them inside loose square stitches flanked by taut square stitches.

Things You'll Need

  • Scoobie laces, four colours
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pony beads
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