How to write a letter of application for a teaching position

Effective cover letters answer the question "Why should I hire you?", according to Trinity College's information on writing successful cover letters. Writing a letter of application for a teaching position should highlight why you enjoy working with children and your value as a teacher as well as relevant work credentials and experience with specific examples. Keeping the cover letter short and to the point is another necessary component of an effective letter of application.

Review examples of the standard format for cover letters if necessary. Type your name and full address in the upper left hand corner of the document, then the date, followed by the full name of the person you are addressing (such as the superintendent), the name of the school and the school's address. Leave a space or two in between your name and address, the date and the school's name and information. Also include the official name of the position and "Dear [name of employer]."

Keep the cover letter to one page and about three paragraphs long. Begin the letter stating why you are writing and the teaching position you are applying for. You can add how you learnt of the position only if it was through a mutual contact or recruiting program. Stating that you learnt of the job through an Internet search, for example, is not necessary. You may also make a statement along the lines of how you will be a valuable asset to the school district.

Discuss why you are interested in the position in the second paragraph as well as your qualifications, such as a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education and the number of years you have worked as a teacher. Highlight teaching experience and any other job experience relevant to the position. If you feel this paragraph is too lengthy, break it in two. Talk about your most relevant teaching experience and accomplishments in the first paragraph and back up your statements in the second with specific examples, such as how you offered after-school tutoring or designed a new teaching game or tool. Use the final sentence of your second paragraph to summarise what you just explained. Mentioning the teaching position and the school in this sentence is helpful as it "brings the reader back to the specific job in question," according to Trinity College's information about how to write a cover letter.

Write your final paragraph to include a reference to your resume as well as a request for an interview. Add something like "I look forward to discussing my experience with you further" and thank them for their time and consideration. Sign the letter and mention any enclosures if applicable.


Go over your letter of application several times to check for spelling and grammar errors. Use the same quality paper for your resume and letter of application, and use a matching envelope, if feasible. Have your letter proofread by a career counsellor if possible or by a friend or family member.

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