How to Find MSN Messenger Chat Logs

Updated March 23, 2017

MSN Messenger allows you to keep a log of all your conversations with friends and family. This is a useful feature, as you don’t lose any important information that the conversation window could have. It’s not an automated feature though, which means you have to edit the program’s settings so it starts keeping a log. Unless these settings were previously set to keep chat history, MSN Messenger will not be able to show you a log of any previous conversations.

Open MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger on the computer.

Go to the “Tools” menu from the top and then select “Options.”

Go to the “Messages” tab.

Look for “Message History” and check the box next to “Automatically keep a history of my conversations.”

Specify the folder where you want to save the chat logs. Although there will be an existing folder, you can click the “Change” button and specify a more desirable location, like Desktop or another folder.

Click “Apply” and then click “OK.” You can now start conversing with a friend.

Go to “File” from the menu and click on “View Message History.” MSN Messenger will show all the conversations you have had after changing the settings. If you want to see an individual chat history, right click the contact’s name and select “View Message History.” MSN will then show you history of chat you have had with that person. Another way of viewing chat history is by going to the folder that you selected for saving the chat logs. For instance, if you had selected the Desktop, go to the Desktop for accessing the logs. If you specified any other folder, open it. Here, you will find the chat logs.

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