How to add a PDF to a captivate project

Written by mickeyv | 13/05/2017

Adobe Captivate is an educational development tool used to create and maintain interactive e-learning tools used to supplement lesson plans in the classroom. The software allows users to create interactive simulations, quizzes and software demonstrations to use with students during the learning process. Knowing how to import a PDF document into a project can be a useful skill.

Open the Adobe Captivate program and allow the software to fully load. Select "File" from the top menu and click on the "Open" option from the subsequent list of options. Select the project where you want to import the PDF file.

Select "File" from the top menu once again and click on the "Import" option from the list that appears on-screen. Search for and locate the PDF file that you would like to import using the window that appears in the next window.

Select the project from the list of files and click the "Import" button at the bottom of the window to import the file into the Captivate project.

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