How to Replace a Belt on an MTD Mower

Updated February 21, 2017

MTD riding mowers use a drive belt that connects the mower deck to the engine. A small pulley underneath the engine connects the mower deck to a pulley underneath the engine. As the motor runs, it turns the belt, which engages the blades. After a few seasons of use, the mower belt may dry out or become cracked, causing it to snap and rendering the mower blades useless. The belt must be replaced. Always order your belts from MTD using the part number printed on the belt, or using the model number of the tractor.

Roll the mower on to a flat surface. Flip open the engine cover and remove the sparkplug by unscrewing it.

Lower the mower deck to the ground.

Inspect the diagram on the mower deck for the correct positioning of the belt. Most MTD mowers have this diagram. Refer to the owner's manual if the diagram is not printed on the mower deck.

Remove the bolts that hold down the pulley guard on the mower deck and pull it off.

Pull the belt off the front pulley underneath the engine and pull the belt out of the belt guides. Remove the belt from the pulleys on the mower deck.

Route the new mower deck belt on to the deck, starting at the back of the mower deck and using the belt diagram as a guide.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Belt
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