How to Open a Master Lock Resettable Combination Lock

Updated November 21, 2016

A Masterlock resettable combination lock is often used to secure baggage for travel on aeroplanes. The lock is Transportation Security Administration-approved for securing baggage because the lock can be opened by security officers with the use of a master key or secured codes. This process eliminates airport security's need to cut the lock in the event that the bag is selected for a thorough inspection. The Masterlock resettable combination lock uses a set of three numbers in its combination and comes from the factory with a default code consisting of three zeros.

Dial the Masterlock resettable combination lock's combination using the turnable numbers on the lock. Align the numbers from left to right and place the correct numbers so they are aligned along the horizontal indicator line.

Grasp the lock with one hand. Insert a finger into the lock's locking loop and pull up. This will open the lock.

Acquire a TSA master key or secured codes. If you do not know the lock's combination you can open it by inserting a TSA master key in the bottom of the lock or by entering a secured code.

Cut the lock using bolt cutters if you do not know the combination and do not have access to a TSA master key or the secured codes.

Things You'll Need

  • The Masterlock resettable combination lock's combination
  • TSA master key
  • Secured codes
  • Bolt cutters
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