How to Create Your Own Havaianas

Updated March 28, 2017

Havaianas are a comfortable stylish brand of flip-flops that are popular as casual wear and beach wear. Havainas come in a wide array of colour combinations and patterns to make them easy to accessorise with your wardrobe. The ability to create your own custom pair of Havainas has become a popular pastime that gained popularity after Ivanka Trump customised these fun sandals as wedding favours for the bridesmaids in her wedding party. While not everyone can afford to customise their Havainanas with expensive crystals and stones, you can customise the colour combination of the straps and sole of the sandal quickly and easily.

Find a location near you that is hosting a "Make Your Own Havaianas" workshop. Authorised Havaianas dealers frequently hold these events to promote their products and increase their sales. You have the best chances of finding these events during the hot summer months when seasonal beach wear and sandal sales are at their highest.

Pick the correct size and the main colour of the walking surface of your Havaiana sandals. The walking surface is the area of the sandal that supports the sole of your foot when you wear the sandal. Havaiana bases are available in a variety of light and dark solid colours and just about every shade in between. Be sure to choose a colour that best complements your unique style and that looks good with your skin tone.

Choose the colour of your Havaiana strap that will be used to secure the sandal to your foot. Like the main part of the sandal, these straps are available in a variety of colours and you can choose a different colour combination for each foot. Keep in mind that all Havaiana straps have the imprint of the Havaiana logo that is the same colour as the strap itself. The Havaiana logo will collect some dirt with extended usage, so consider this when you choose a strap colour.

Shop for one or more decorative pins or coloured beads to enhance the look and style of your Havaiana sandal. These pins come in numerous sizes and emblems that include sports teams and the colours of various international flags. There are also pins that include Swarovski crystals as an accent to add even more bling to your customised sandals.

Bring the base of your sandals, straps, decorative pins and beads to the retailer's store representative. The representative will use a special machine to assemble your sandals and add the decorative pins that you have selected. Inspect your sandals carefully and ensure that they fit you properly before you pay for them. Enjoy your new customised Havaianas!


Decorative pins cannot be removed after they are applied to your sandals, so choose carefully.

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