Instructions on a Hotpoint Compact Dishwasher Model 7891

Updated February 21, 2017

The Hotpoint 7891 dishwasher model is a compact-sized home dishwashing appliance that fits into spaces approximately 21 inches wide and 18 inches tall -- too small for conventional sized machines. Hotpoint provides recommendations for getting the most out of the machine, including recommended placement of dishes and plastic ware, water temperature, detergent choice and use of a rinse aid.

Load the Hotpoint 7891 compact dishwasher so that glasses, plasticware and smaller items are on the top sides, saucers and small dishes are in the top centre, and larger dishes and glassware containers are on the bottom. Face all items downward toward the spray arm on the bottom of the unit for the greatest exposure to the soap and rinse water.

Set water temperature to between 48.9 and 65.6 degrees Celsius. Run the water in the sink closest to the dishwasher and let it get hot before starting the unit.

Place fresh dish washing detergent into the detergent container. GE recommends using Cascade Complete, Cascade or Electrasol detergents.

Add a rinse aid such as jet dry in the container next to the detergent container to enable the water to better flow off glassware without spotting.

Close the washer door, pushing until it locks. Turn the dial to the desired wash setting and press the "On" button to allow the dishwasher to run through its wash and rinse cycles.

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