How do I Build a Table for a Dewalt 740 Radial Arm Saw?

A radial arm saw is similar to a circular saw but it is mounted on a movable arm that provides more accuracy and ability to cut many additional styles of woodworking cuts. The radial-arm saw is designed with a sacrificial table and fence that can be replaced after repeated use. The do-it-yourself handyman can replace the table on a Dewalt 740 radial arm saw with a few tools and a little effort.

Unplug the radial arm saw from the electrical socket for safety.

Raise the saw assembly as high as it will go. This will provide room to access the table. This is accomplished by turning the hand crank on the radial arm saw clockwise.

Disassemble the old tabletop and remove it, save it as a template for later. A screwdriver and socket wrenches work best. A pair of pliers may also be necessary. Save the nuts and bolts to reassemble the table later.

Cut a new top using the old one as a template. A circular saw or a table saw works best. Use 3/4-inch MDF (medium density fibre board) for the top. It is an inexpensive material that is durable and will not harm the saw blade when it is cut.

Mark the location of the holes from the original top that are used to attach the tabletop to the radial arm saw frame. Use a drill and the appropriate size drill bit to drill holes in the new top.

Attach the new tabletop to the saw frame using the nuts and bolts.


Apply paste wax to the MDF surface to reduce friction when using the saw.


Wear safety glasses and hearing protection when using power tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Radial arm saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Pliers
  • Circular saw
  • Table-saw
  • 3/4-inch medium density fibre board
  • Drill with drill bits
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