How to Grow Canna Plants in Pots

Members of the Cannaecae family of plants, cannas are subtropical perennials capable of blooming all year long. Canna plants propagate by rhizome, producing oversized leaves that resemble that of the banana plant. Canna foliage is just as colourful and brilliant as the showy flowers they complement; blooming in shades of yellow, copper, red and even purple. Even if you don't live in the tropics, you can still enjoy the vibrant look of canna plants -- growing them indoors in pots.

Fill 2-qt. flowerpots with organic soil. Bury one canna rhizome, bud side up and 4 inches deep, in the centre of each pot of soil.

Pat the soil over the canna rhizomes to remove air pockets. Water the canna rhizomes deeply after planting, allowing the water to flow through the layers of soil and out the drainage holes in the bottom of each pot.

Place the pots in an area where they will receive full sun throughout the day. Cannas require at least six to eight hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day in order to thrive.

Feed your canna plants a diet of 12-4-8 fertiliser. The numbers indicate the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium the fertiliser contains. Apply the fertiliser to the soil in the pots, according to the instructions on the package label.

Repot the canna plants in larger containers when they outgrow their present ones. You will know it is time to replant when the roots of the plants begin to grow out of the bottom drainage holes or when the soil dries out quicker than usual.


If you would like to plant several canna rhizomes in one pot, choose a larger one. For instance, three canna rhizomes can fit comfortably in one 2-gallon pot.


Do not over water the canna plants. Canna rhizomes sitting in a pot of soaked soil are subject to rotting. Always choose pots that have drainage holes and water the canna plants when the top layer of soil begins to dry out.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-qt. flowerpots
  • Organic soil
  • Canna rhizomes
  • Fertiliser
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