How to Install a BU-10 Adapter in a TP IP90 Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon IP90 printer belongs to a series of portable printers that have been designed for frequent travellers who want to see their colour documents while on the go. A solution for wireless printing while travelling is the Canon BU-10 Bluetooth Adapter, which is compatible with the IP90 Portable Printer and other portable printer models in the series -- the I80 and IP90 Pixma. Installing the BU-10 Bluetooth Adapter involves first setting up the USB cable for printing on the IP90 and installing the Bluetooth adaptor.

Connect the Canon IP90 printer to the laptop using a standard USB cable. The operating system on the laptop will recognise the printer with its Plug-n-Play feature and automatically load the required printer software. However, if it does not, perform a printer install according to instructions accompanying the printer.

Print a test run to make sure the print features work properly after the printer is installed on the laptop. Shut down the printer and unplug the USB cable. Do not shutdown the laptop.

Remove the cover on the underside of the portable IP90 printer. Insert the BU-10 Bluetooth Adapter into the slot. The adaptor contains a flat plug with copper leads that slides right into the slot. Replace the cover and power up the printer. Go to Step 4 to configure wireless printing for Windows. Go to Step 5 for Mac instructions.

Click "Start," select "Control Panel," choose "Hardware and Sound" and click "Devices and Printers." Click "Add a Printer." In the dialogue box that pops up, click "Add a Wireless or Bluetooth Printer." The laptop will establish wireless communication with the new Bluetooth adaptor installed in the printer. Select the Canon printer when it populates the printer field. This will become the default printer.

Click on "Print & Fax" in System Preferences and find the Canon IP90 printer in the printers dialogue box. The laptop will then establish wireless communication with the new Bluetooth adaptor. Click the Canon printer in the printer field. This will be the default printer.


Do not attempt to install the Bluetooth wireless printing option using the Bluetooth Device Manager in Windows. Use the Printer option as discussed in Step 4 to avoid driver issues in Windows.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth enabled laptop
  • USB cable
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