How to unlock digital dash on a ford fiesta

Updated April 17, 2017

The Ford Fiesta is Ford's most successful selling car, with over 10 million units sold since its inception in 1976. The vehicle is a subcompact car that found most of its success in the European market. More recent models feature a digital display on the dashboard that allows drivers easy access to information about their vehicles. Setting your display to "Self Diagnostic Mode" provides you with pertinent information about how your Fiesta is running and helps you diagnose problems.

Insert your key into the ignition, but do not turn the car on.

Hold down the "Trip Meter" reset button as you start your engine. Continue to hold the button for 10 to 20 seconds.

Release the "Trip Meter" reset button when the word "TEST" flashes on the dash display.

Press the "Trip Meter" reset button, more quickly this time, to view 17 or more modes regarding the state of your car. Read the digital codes that detail diagnostic information about engine-related issues such as engine coolant, battery voltage, and fuel volume.

Use these codes to determine what work, if any, your car needs.


This information may also be used to unlock the digital dash on the Ford Puma and Ford Focus.

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