How to Reduce Condensation in a Bathroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Condensation builds up on walls, mirrors and windows of a bathroom without proper ventilation. After a period of time, constant condensation may breed mould and mildew fungus, leaving your bathroom with dark stains and causing health issues for those with breathing difficulties. Reduce and prevent condensation in bathrooms using methods that counteract moisture build-up.

Turn on the ventilation fan in the bathroom when taking a bath or shower. If your bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, consider having one installed.

Open the window in the bathroom a bit so that moisture can escape outside.

Hang wet swimsuits, bras or hose or other damp items to dry outside or in a laundry room instead of the bathroom. The moisture from the clothes can result in condensation on mirrors and windows.

Run a small heater in the bathroom during the winter when taking a bath or shower. The dry heat absorbs moisture, preventing condensation from forming.


Keep small heaters away from the tub or shower and place in the corner of the bathroom when using.

Things You'll Need

  • Small heater
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