How to Replace Kohler One Piece Toilet Seats

Kohler one piece toilets are like most other standard toilets except the tank is moulded into the bowl. Replacing parts on the Kohler one piece toilet is a little different depending upon what you are repairing. The toilet seat however, installs just like most other seats with one small exception. Replacing a Kohler one piece toilet seat requires some assembly work to the seat hinges. Unlike most standard seats, the hinge has a hinge mount you must install prior to installing the seat assembly on the toilet.

Close the toilet seat and pry open the caps on the rear hinges with a flathead screwdriver. Clean the area around the retaining bolt head with a rag.

Hold the bolt head from the top with the flathead screwdriver. Turn the retaining nut on the bottom of the bolt counterclockwise with a pair of slip joint pliers. Repeat for the second the bolt. Pull the old seat of the Kohler one piece toilet.

Slide the hinge mounts into the open hinge slots on the new Kohler toilet seat. The flat side of the hinge mounts should face up when installing. The hinge mounts snap into place on the hinge slots.

Position the Kohler seat, in the closed position, over the toilet bowl. Line up the mounting holes on the hinge mounts with the holes on the toilet flange.

Insert the two nylon bolts through the mounting holes from the top. Thread the securing nuts onto each bolt from the bottom. Hold the bolt heads with the screwdriver and tighten each nut fully with the slip-joint pliers. Do not over-tighten. Snap the hinge covers over the top of the hinge with your fingers.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Slip joint pliers
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