How to Fix a Dead Fuji Finepix

Updated February 21, 2017

The Fujifilm Finepix is a compact automatic digital camera with a flash that is designed to snap high-quality pictures. Upon using your device several times, you may begin to have problems with the camera not turning on. Following some simple steps and conducting your own maintenance will have your device powering up again in little time. You can replace old batteries with new ones, check your battery chamber for dirt or blockage and warm batteries that are too cold in your pocket.

Replace old batteries with new batteries by first turning the Finepix over onto its head, exposing the bottom panel to you.

Use your finger to movie the lock release catch up toward the direction of the arrow (facing the lens). The battery chamber cover will pop open slightly. Lift the battery chamber door back to reveal the battery chamber.

Remove the old batteries. Slide four AA batteries into the battery chamber, aligning the batteries' polarity with that of the polarity indicators printed on the inside of the chamber.

Look at your batteries and confirm that they are free of plastic casings that are splitting and are not a combination of new and old batteries together. The risk for battery leakage increases in either situation, and battery leakage will damage your camera.

Flip the battery chamber door closed and slide it into place with a click.

Check the battery cover chamber for dirt or grime, if your camera continuously dies or won't turn on.

Open the battery chamber door with your fingers, after turning the camera over so that the battery chamber is facing you.

Remove the batteries.

Inspect the metal receptors inside the battery chamber for soil. Wipe the battery chamber down with a dry cloth, if you see grime or blockage. Soiled metal receptors will prevent proper contact from the batteries to the camera, thereby blocking power to flow into the camera's controls.

Examine the batteries for dirt, and clean them if necessary. Reinsert the batteries and close the battery chamber cover after properly cleaning the dirty receptors.

Remove the batteries to warm them, if you're attempting to use your camera in extreme weather conditions, and your camera won't turn on. If the weather is too cold (and if the batteries are too cold), the batteries won't function with the Finepix as a safety measure.

Warm the batteries against your body in your pocket or in another warm place.

Reinsert the warm batteries into the camera just before you'd like to take a picture. The camera will function with the batteries once they have heated up a little bit.

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