How to Stop Drafts From Your Doors

Updated February 21, 2017

Doorway drafts are unwelcome at any time of year, especially during the winter months when heat is precious. Making sure your home is well-insulated against drafts is an important part of reducing your energy consumption and lowering your heating bill. There are several ways you can stop drafts from your doors, varying in price and overall effectiveness. The exact method you choose will depend on the location of the draft in the doorway and your budget.

Purchase a soft draft excluder to lay at the base of the door. These long, thin, plush furnishings are filled with beans or other weighted material to block out small drafts in exterior or interior doors. They work simply by covering the draft and are generally affordable. Soft draft excluders come in a variety of styles and look tidier than simply laying a blanket or towel at the base of the door.

Fit a adhesive draft excluder to the door frame. These do not require any expertise to fit. Adhesive draft excluders work when fitted to the inside of the doorframe, creating a tight seal between the cold outside air and the warm air inside. These draft excluders are a more permanent solution than the soft draft excluder.

Screw a draft excluder brush strip to the base of the door. Used mainly for exterior doors, these smooth, flexible brush strips prevent drafts of air slipping underneath the door. Similar brush strips are sometimes fitted inside letterboxes to prevent a cold rush of air when the mailman deposits the mail. Though effective, you can affix brush strips only to the base of the door.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft draft excluder, adhesive draft excluder or draft excluder brush strip
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